Novità discografiche Nome: KAD

Genere: Pop

Titolo del CD: Ecoute le vent

Prodotto da: Beleza/audioglobe

Mail: contact@etheruk.com
Web: www.ethermusic.net

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(A.L. 27 Aprile 2006)



an irresistable mix of mediterranean grooves, french chanson and horizontal jazz...

Societé is the follow up to 2003’s critically acclaimed underground debut, Liberté. Singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Kad brings to his music a warm, melodic voice - close-miked and murmuring – together with finger-snappingly cool, addictive, soulful music made with a dash of urban chic and an infectiously catchy songwriting style.

On the release of the debut album the press placed Kad somewhere between MC Solaar, Serge Gainsbourg and Manu Chao, but the truth is that Kad is an original with a style all his own.

The new album picks up where the debut left off, with his own compositions centre stage and structured around his piano and vocals, though this is a more lo-fi album and finds Kad more at ease with the repertoire and mood.

It also includes his interpretations of four classic but very different songs, Bidonville (Claude Nougaro), I Love Paris (Cole Porter), Le Deserteur (Boris Vian) and, perhaps most interestingly, Come as You Are (Nirvana).